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What's your "PQ"?

Forget your IQ - we care about your PQ, your "preparedness quotient." Here are some questions to ask yourself and your family to see how ready you might be for a disaster or other emergency.

Getting out... YES NO
  • Have you made a plan for getting out of your house quickly if there's a fire?
  • ___ ___
  • Does the rest of your family know about that plan, and have you practiced it with them?
  • ___ ___
  • Does your home have a working smoke detector and do you check it every 6 months?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you know the route for evacuating your community if needed?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you have an evacuation kit with all the essentials stored in a portable, sturdy container?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you have an adequate amount of cash in a safe place in case the power is out, banks are closed and ATMs don't work?
  • ___ ___

    Staying in... YES NO
  • Do you have enough food and water for your family if a blizzard or other emergency kept you inside your house for a week?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you have a radio that works on batteries in case the power is out, and do you have a supply of fresh batteries?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you have a source of temporary light if the power is out? (flashlights are better than candles because of fire hazards.)
  • ___ ___

    Special cases... YES NO
  • Do you have an emergency supply of essential medications for all members of your family?
  • ___ ___
  • Have you made special plans as needed for helping ill, elderly or disabled members of your household to evacuate or be confined to home?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you have an emergency pack for the pets in your home (food, leash, any medications, copy of rabies and other health certificates)?
  • ___ ___
  • Do you or someone in your household know cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? Or how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)? *
  • ___ ___
  • Do you or someone in your household know at least basic First Aid? *
  • ___ ___
  • Are you aware of the likely disasters in your area and the role that groups like the Red Cross can play in responding to a disaster?
  • ___ ___
  • Is there a disaster plan at your workplace? At your or your children's school?
  • ___ ___

    * Classes on CPR, First Aid, use of AEDs and other health and safety topics are available from your local Red Cross Chapter. Call 603-225-6697 x206 or 1-800-446-9972 x206.

    If you have answered YES to all questions, congratulations! You have passed this PQ test with flying colors! Watch for new tests in the near future.

    If you answered NO to any question, that is an area for you to work on to be better prepared. Talk to family members about ways to improve in that area.

    If you need more information about becoming prepared, call us at your local Red Cross Chapter at 603-225-6697 or 1-800-446-9972 - together we will PrepareNH!

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